Passenger: 5, Beds: 4
Maitén cabin -just as cabins Ciprés, Chacay and Ñire- provides for the accommodation necessities of a family, while it brings a comfortable space, integrated to the surroundings and fully equipped. These cabins have a similar setting among them and all of them provide amenities for up to 5 guests. On its ground floor if offers a room with a full size bed and an en-suite bathroom with a jacuzzi; kitchen and dinning room with breakfast area, gas oven, refirgerator, microwave, coffee maker, blender, full dishware; fully equipped bathroom, satellite TV service (DirecTV), DVD and sound system. Heating includes radiators and a fireplace. According to the alpine-cabin style, on its top-floor is has three single-size beds that allow profitting as its best the room's space. Also, it is in this area where the views of the Río Grande are most delightful.